YouAct Recruitment 

*** We've currently ended our recruitment round, but if you wish to stay connected, send us an email at *** 

We are looking for potential dedicated and active new members to strengthen our organization and our work for advancing Sexual and Reproductive Rights!

If you're interested to join YouAct, proceed to the next page and fill the application!
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The applicants should be:
Aged 18-28 (expected being able for minimum 2 year commitment)
Residing in any country of the Council of Europe [i] , Belarus and Kosovo
Actively working in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)
Share the values and principles upheld by YouAct and wish to actively work with us to achieve our mission and vision
Affiliated with an organization – working at national/international level, youth organization, NGO, political party (desirable, but not obligatory)
Able to speak and write fluently in English
Able to access internet, check and respond to emails at least twice a week
Willing to spend at least 4 hours a week volunteering for YouAct

YouAct offers:
Training on SRHR issues, advocacy, fund raising and capacity building
A space to share experience, knowledge and skills with other young people from different countries and backgrounds
Knowledge and experience in SRHR and advocacy 
Participation in regional and international meetings/opportunities
Involvement and input in the development of YouAct
Fun, energy, friendship, inspiration and ideas

YouAct works  to empower young people to take an active role in their communities and organizations and to advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Rights as Human Rights. We believe that decisions which affect young people should be planned and formed by young people themselves. Young people should be taken seriously as capable and productive individuals. Meaningful Youth Participation in the designing, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs and services aimed at young people, is crucial for their success. 
YouAct strongly believes in the right for all young people to have a voice regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability.

Fill in the application
Name and Surname


We membership call is open for those residing in any country of the Council of Europe*, Belarus and Kosovo *

Date of birth

Email address

Tell us what has influenced your involvement in youth SRHR work.

You can describe an experience that has motivated you to work for advancing the youth SRHR agenda, about your previous or current work with CSO organizations or anything that speaks about your passion for youth SRHR. (max. 350 words)
Tell us what is your motivation to become a YouAct member

(max. 350 words)
Tell us what do you hope to gain/learn by joining YouAct as a member

(max. 350 words)
What do sexual rights mean to you?

(max. 350 words)
What does gender equality mean to you?

(max. 350 words)
What is your opinion on the right to abortion?

(max. 350 words)
What is your opinion on LGBTQI rights?

(max. 350 words)
Tell us more about the experience and skills that you have and would like to contribute with as a YouAct member.

Check all the boxes that are applicable and kindly write a brief description in the text box at the end:

How do you want to be involved in YouAct? Choose from below the areas that you'd be most interested in:

These are just to give us an idea of what type of work you'd be interested in and are not permanent. The choices are not limited to the ones below.

Please share with us your CV - share a google drive link here or email it to with your name in the email title.

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